This module will give you an introduction and overview about aspects of lifelong learning and its relevance for work and professionalisation. Lifelong learning is a concept that aims at enabling people to learn, motivate themselves and actively manage their professional life. With the exercises provided in this module, you will be equipped with information and tools to support you in this process.  

  • How can lifelong learning be structured?

To manage learning effectively, it is needed to define and structure the path you want to go and goals you want to achieve.

  • How to enrol into CVET?

The next step is to find information and steps to be taken to enrol into courses that are useful for professional development.

  • How to get qualification recognised?

Another important aspect is to know how qualification gained abroad can be recognised in the new country. This step helps to prepare for continuing education and entering the labour market.

  • How to find information?

It is useful to have an overview of existing sources and institutions that support professional development with education, funding etc.


The idea of this module´s task is to support your professional development by equipping you with information and tools to structure the process of learning and work. For this purpose, you will receive four exercises:

  • Exercise 1 – LLL plan
  • Exercise 2 – CVET guide
  • Exercise 3 – Recognition of qualifications

In the first exercise, you will define your goals and set them realistically. Next, you structure each step that brings you closer to this goal. This will help you to see your opportunities more clearly.

In the second one, you will be provided with step-by-step information about career guidance and how to enrol in a programme of further education in Austria. Please read the text and follow the instructions on the hand-out.

The recognition of qualification you gained abroad is an important aspect for further education and the job market. You can find information in exercise 3 and have the possibility to search the relevant institutions to initiate the process.


First of all go through the exercises 1-3:

Exercise 1 – LLL plan

  1. Fill in the forms on the related template on the lifelong learning plan.
  2. This task requires self-reflection and careful thought. For support, the results can be exchanged and discussed with a partner.

Exercise 2 – CVET guide

  1. Read the information on the related hand-out.
  2. In individual work, try to find a course that you are interested in and that is beneficial for your career development/in view of the achievement of your previously set goals.
  3. The results can be exchanged with a partner.

Exercise 3 – Recognition of qualifications

  1. Read the information on the related hand-out about the process of recognition of foreign qualifications in Austria.
  2. Initiate the process of recognition by researching and contacting the institution responsible for your case.
  3. Read the example of the success story on the related hand-out.
  4. Draft your own success story based on the process of recognition and highlight, which opportunities this might open up for you.
  5. Get together with a partner and present your stories. Exchange on the experience of this exercise and support each other in case of uncertainty.



You have managed to set professional goals, structure your career path and visualise steps to be taken to achieve your goals. You can use the information provided to find support, but also to actively approach your career prospects and keep learning.



  • The learner should be able to manage the way s/he wants to go and goals s/he wants to achieve.
  • The learner should be able to find information important for lifelong learning process and use them.
  • For a full description of ECVET, Skills, Competence and Knowledge for this module see Methodolgy Handbook and Competence Matrix