So... you want to work for me?
So... you want to work for me?
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How important is a manager – the boss? Quite important, most people think. But what should a really good boss be like?

Your mission is difficult, but hopefully rewarding: you will find the boss of your dreams!

What characteristics should s/he have? Is it – by the way – important if it a he or she is? By discussing, contemplating and debating the image of your dream boss will become clear as a day – a day at work!


It is better to find a good one!
It is better to find a good one!
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Is there one dream boss that will suit everybody? Why are some features more important to you than to others? The questions have no right or wrong answer, but by considering your values, attitudes and dreams, it will be easier for you to recognize your dream boss whenever you find it!

Good luck in the hunt!



Take a look at Exercise 1. What characteristics are the most important for someone to qualify as your dream boss? Arrange all characteristics individually, and then discuss in pairs or in the group.

Did you change your mind after the discussion? Why?


Close study

In Exercise 2 you will find out as much as possible about a special boss. There are four managers to choose from, your supervisor may have added more. Either you get a manager assigned to you, or you may choose one. If you are in a big class, several can work with the same boss.

Find out as much as possible, and present the boss to the group or class.

Was the boss you studied your dream boss? Why / why not? Which of the managers would you like to work for? Why?


The boss as a parent?

Watch the video:

Malou von Sivers explains what constitutes a good leadership

Here the thesis is that a leader who does not know him/herself is not a good leader. Is that true? Discuss in group / class.



Now you know exactly how you want your dream boss to be like! Congratulations!

Do you have the same picture as you had before exploring your thoughts about the ideal boss? What has changed?

How much do you think it will change when you work in somewhere for a year? Five years?



  • Understand the characteristics you appreciate in a manager.
  • Begin to understand the characteristics a manager appreciate in you.